Inflammatory Diets?

Let me start by saying that I could eat an ice cream sundae every night and never get tired of it. I need to hide candy bars from myself or I will eat the whole bar in one sitting (72% dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt). I have been called a whoopie pie connoisseur. I would like to be a contestant on cupcake wars in another life. I am currently eating one of the 4 mint Oreo cookies (truly addicting and yummy!), that I had for dessert tonight. So as a result I never would have thought I would be thinking about any kind of “RA diet.”

I am also very fortunate to have been blessed with a fantastic metabolism and I have never had to worry about my weight. I can often eat what ever I like, in any amount, and my weight stays relatively stable. I often have thought that this has been my little health “freebie” since I have many other health issues to worry about. However, at this juncture in my life I would like to be on the minimal amount of medication possible to control my disease. And as I sit here after having achy knees all day, I find myself considering trying an “RA diet.” 
Honestly, I have often been told to “Cut all dairy, it cured me!” “You really need to not eat gluten,” or “eat these five foods and all your pain will go away.” I have always dismissed these suggestions quickly. I know for many people these various diets have worked wonders and that is great! But, I personally have always thought if cutting dairy cures RA, then everyone would be doing it and I wouldn’t have tried the 20+ medications I have in my life. Plus, what would I do without my ice cream sundaes! 
I still have a lot of research and experimenting to do. Do I just cut dairy or gluten or both? Do I try an inflammation diet such as Dr. Weil or another nutritionist. I am not sure what will work best for me or how long this experiment will last, but it is definitely worth a try!
And as a parting thought:
I will still find a way to enjoy my ice cream!

2 thoughts on “Inflammatory Diets?

  1. I've tried a bunch of different diets (for migraine) and have found that above-all, getting proper nutrition all day long is key. That means that some diets (particularly extreme elimination diets) that have been suggested are just not doable.

    Any new diet, no matter how promising and magical, must also be accessible, within my budget, and still allow for a few comfort foods that help me through the hardest times. I think only you can decide what's best by trying one thing at a time and giving it a good, long trial period.

    (I wrote about my misadventures with Paleo here:

    Best of luck!!


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