Running through Springtime

Spring has finally sprung! After breaking the record for the snowiest winter ever, I was pretty sure it would never happen. With the warmer weather, longer days and the melting of all the snow, it instills a positive, hopeful energy in all Bostonians. We made it through the winter and came out on the other side. The grass may not actually be greener yet…but it will be soon! There are people every where running along the Charles River, biking through the city and enjoying the start of Spring.

There have been times in my life where I have felt well enough to join those enthusiastic runners along the Charles River. My type of “running” typically involves jogging for about a minute and then walking for five minutes. During my best feeling days, I could keep this up for 3 miles and generally not feel any different the next day. Unfortunately, as I deal with a medication change, this is not one of those periods. I recently went for brief walk along a hilly road way in New Hampshire and felt the after effects for 3 days. My knees were achy, swollen and painful and I spent the following day icing them in my office inbetween patients. Now, every time I see one of these runners, it reminds me of the limitations my JRA puts on my daily activities and sometimes that is harder to deal with then the physical pain.

I have tried many fitness routines in my life besides jogging such as yoga, personal training, TRX, skiing, water aerobics and home DVD workouts. I have always struggled with finding something that fits into my schedule, is safe and healthy for my body and that I am motivated to stick with. I have yet to find my perfect exercise routine and will continue to try new avenues until I do. However, although I am excited and optimistic to embrace Spring and all that it has to offer, I can’t help feel a twinge of jealousy when I see the newly energetic runners sprint by…


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