My Quest for the Perfect Yoga Studio: Part One

I am a beginning level Yoga student. No, I am more like a “fair weather yoga sports fan.” I have tried a variety of yoga classes including classes at a gym, classes in a yoga studio, classes watching a DVD and classes by private instructors. It always starts out really well and then a variety of things happen… Either the class progresses too quickly and I can’t keep up with the poses, I push myself too hard and end up straining myself, the class is too slow and not challenging enough, or I have a difficult time modifying the poses to accommodate my range of motion limitations and there is not enough individual attention to assist me.

However, I have become “fluffy” over the long, hard winter and most definitely need to get back into an exercise routine. Watching the snow pile up as I dunked mint oreos in hot coca probably did not help my physique. I decided I need to do something before bathing suit season commences. I researched yoga classes in the area and picked the closet one to try first. I emailed the instructor and asked how vigorous the class is and if it would be appropriate for knees with decreased range of motion. The instructor promptly responded and reported that the class is very gentle and most of the students have injuries they are healing from. I thought “Perfect!”

I did enjoy the class and the teacher was very nice and receptive. She made sure to check in with me to see if I needed any modifications. However, the class was very gentle and felt more like stretching and mediation. I also was the youngest person by at least 15 years. I am very accustomed to being the youngest person at the eye doctors, the youngest person in the Arthritis clinic and the youngest person with a aarp card, however, I was hoping I wouldn’t be the youngest person in the yoga class. Although, I think this class will be a nice meditation and relaxation class, I am going to keep searching to find the right class.

Tomorrow is yoga studio #2 of the week…


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